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SHAMBHO Collection

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“If we increase the proportion of the Akash element within our system, our ability to perceive that which is not physical is enhanced. If one wants to explore the mystical nature of our existence, enhancing Akash is vital.” Sadhguru.

Akash is a quiet and powerful messenger capable of preparing your body and mind for meditation.

  • Apply Akash in the palms of your hands, inhale as many times as you want and start your meditation practice.


Assertive people achieve what they want, defend their rights, their personal integrity and are able to stay true to their essence. Within two weeks of regular use of RA, the Sun God, will guide you to stay open, become courageous and assertive.

  • Apply it on your wrist before your day starts, and bring it with you to use it for an extra boost of courage whenever you need it.

Use at least 2 weeks regularly, any time of the day



Stress is part of human experience. Chemical stress is provoked by junk food, excess of coffee or alcoholic beverages, drugs, and exposure to pollution or chemical substances emitted by office equipments, commercial lightning and pollution.

Before wearing out your stress defensive mechanisms and living in a chronic stressed state, Shuvia will wash your stress out and will detox your body system.

Include this aromatherapy in your daily routine

  • Apply in the palms of your hands everyday and inhale as many times as you want.



Changes in diet, an irritable colon, gluten intolerance, non-absorbable carbs or spicy food can lead to bowel distention and flatulence.

  • Whenever you feel the discomfort apply Flato on your abdomen and massage gently clockwise.

Keep a flat stomach and calm your inner aromas with this proprietary blend



Dear Man, don't cum too fast! Ask Kama the god of desire to hold back your outburst of passion.

  • Apply in your abdomen area before the sexual act avoiding the genital zone.

Don't use it as a lubricant.



She's an unstoppable, joyful and peaceful woman, even on those days she can conquer the world. She is Sadashi.

This is a proprietary blend for pms symptoms.

  • Use a week before, during and till the last day of your period. Apply in your solar plexus, hips, lower back, up to the coccyx and buttocks crease without reaching the anus.
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